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Valerie Patrick - Certified Master Pilates Instructor and E-RYT, Owner

Valerie's passion for Pilates and Yoga began when a congenital back condition slowed down her dance and teaching career. Seeing the benefits it brought to her health she completed her comprehensive and classical Pilates certification through Power Pilates and Balanced Body University while also pursuing her 200 hour yoga training. A comprehensive Pilates certification is the highest level an instructor can complete. It certifies that the instructor can teach on all the Pilates equipment which includes the reformer, the tower, the chair, the barrel as well as small equipment. Valerie is a continuing education provider and member of Yoga Alliance. Her focus is on alignment, balance and symmetry. She specifically works with clients who come to Pilates and Yoga for rehabilitation purposes.

Continuing education is important and vital to bringing the best possible class experience to her students. Valerie makes it a point to attend workshops with the top master trainers in the field. She has worked with Mari Winsor, Alycea Ungaro, Mejo Wiggins, Brooke Siler, Peter Fiasca, Baron Baptiste and Doug Swenson.

Valerie has a warm, safe approach and her teaching style allows students to be at ease from a beginner to advanced level. Valerie has taught at Syracuse University, Crouse Hospital and various other companies in the area. Along with extensive experience working with dancers, gymnasts and athletes Valerie was most honored to work with the Cirque du Soleil Alegria National Touring Performers and the Cirque OVO tour. She hopes that you can experience all the benefits that Pilates and Yoga have to offer.

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Sam White – Registered Yoga Instructor

Sam first started practicing yoga in 2013 as a way to be able to do cool poses. She discovered Ashtanga yoga in 2015, and after her first Led Half-Primary class, she knew that the practice was going to have a major impact on her life. Even with the intention of just getting a good workout and achieving new poses, the magic of a daily yoga practice was working on Sam. She believes that yoga is partially responsible for her recovery from an eating disorder.

Noticing the effect it was having on her, Sam started to explore the other aspects of yoga, and in 2017 she completed a 200-hour teacher training from Boston Yoga School under the instruction of Ame Wren and Tiffany Cagwin. She has also had the honor to study traditional Ashtanga yoga with Harmony Slater and Peg Mulqueen. Sam believes that asanas (poses) are tools for students to get a good look at who they really are and to heal both physically and mentally. Her classes incorporate yogic philosophy, Ayurvedic healing principles, and healthy alignment to give students a safe space to learn about yoga and themselves.


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Kristin Weigl – Registered Yoga Instructor

I received both trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I began practicing yoga years ago as a skeptic with the intention of just getting in shape but what I acquired from my first class was much more. I discovered that yoga was an invitation to try something, see what happens and accept whatever occurs. With the calm and compassionate mind I gained for myself and others I knew this would now be a part of me.

Keeping in mind that yoga is practice, I strive to take it with me once off the mat. I hope to remain in awe of the world around me taking in my experiences and sharing what I've learned. As a teacher I cannot tell you what you will experience, your experience is your own. I am simply a guide.

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Kim O'Connor – Registered Yoga Instructor

Kim began practicing yoga in 2014 and immediately fell in love with yoga. She quickly learned not only did yoga provide health benefits, but also just as importantly she realized her yoga mat provided her calm and balance she needed in her life. Kim completed her training with Boston Yoga School in May 2017 and is a RYT-200 registered yoga teacher.

Her classes incorporate proper alignment, the breath, and moving mindfully through the postures. In addition, students can expect fun as well as relaxation in a safe environment for all levels, regardless of age or ability. Kim loves practicing and teaching yoga and plans to continue expanding her knowledge through continuing education.


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Eileen Cole – Pilates Instructor

Hi!!! May name is Eileen Cole. I have been a physical therapist for 25 years. I received my Bachelor's Degree in 1995 and my  Doctorate in 2012.  I am an orthopedic board certified specialist. I began my Pilates career in 2006 when my employer wanted to embark on more mind/body formats.  I am Stott trained in mat, reformer and rehab.

I have seen the benefit of Pilates with my clients, athletes and the general population.


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Kelly Hoffman – Pilates Instructor

Kelly came to Pilates almost 10 years ago in order to build strength and flexibility despite a chronic health issue. In that time Kelly has developed a love for the grace in movement that comes from an attention to detail for the classical Pilates form.

A mother of two and small business owner, Kelly recently acquired a passion for teaching and has been training under the guidance of Valerie Patrick, Master Instructor and Owner of Core Pilates and Yoga.

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Kelly Kinahan (aka "KK") – Pilates Instructor

Kelly joined Core Pilates and Yoga as a student in 2015 after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Her doctor pulled her from training for her second half marathon as she began treatment. She inquired if she could "at least do yoga" and her doctor approved. She began researching local studios close to home that provided a welcoming and non-judgmental environment - and Voila! she came across Core Pilates & Yoga. All these years later she will tell you not only did she fall in love with the Yoga AND Pilates classes, but also the community here at our studio!

Her background includes over 10 years of ballet, jazz and tap as a youth, in addition to adult ballet classes through Boston Ballet and locally. She taught Ballroom Dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in her early 20's and jokes that had she kept with it she could be "Dancing with the Stars" today! 

June 2018 she began 5 months of Pilates Mat training under owner Valerie Patrick and is thrilled to teach the principals of Pilates while adding a "Zen Vibe"!

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Sarah Dodd – Pilates Instructor

Sarah learned she loved to move from an early age and simply hasn't stopped since. She first came to Pilates as a supplement to her dance career while performing in NYC. The modality provided her a means of addressing and preventing injuries and imbalances to lead a pain-free and therefore more present life. As a student through the Kane School, Sarah was able to find the tools to articulate her clients through their own journey. Sarah loves to help all bodies and ability levels to build strength and trust in the many amazing things they are capable of. Sarah holds a BFA in Dance from the University at Buffalo and teaches and choreographs in the greater CNY area.

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Michele Gannett – Registered Yoga Instructor

Michele has been in the fitness profession since 2002, personal training and teaching several different class formats to students ranging from young children all the way to Senior citizens and everything in between. A few years back, Michele wanted to try out something new and walked into a Yoga class to see if it was something she would enjoy, and she fell in love and never looked back. As a fitness professional, a daily meditator and a Reiki Master, Michele knows the importance of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and brings all aspects of this into her classes.

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Allison Graff – Registered Yoga Instructor

I rediscovered yoga after my daughter was born as a way to get active and to find some “me” time. In 2014, I took a free outdoor class as part of a community wellness program and became curious. I was particularly drawn to the connection of mind, body, and breath that yoga offers. The physical practice of asana and the awareness of breath in pranayama offered an entire new way of managing stress and anxiety. I soon became interested in meditation and began a regular practice. Fascinated by yoga, I attended classes in many different settings and with a variety of teachers - outdoor classes, workshops at various studios, and many retreats. It was not long before I decided to share the “secret sauce” of yoga with teaching anyone who was interested – family, friends, and coworkers.

In 2019, I completed the 200-hour teacher training from the Boston Yoga School at O Yoga Studios in Syracuse, NY, directed by Ame Wren and Tiffany Cagwin. My goal in teaching is to share my constant pursuit of being present. It is easy to get swept away in our fast-paced world and yoga brings us to this moment above all else. This is a gift. Yoga has improved the quality of my life, accompanied me through difficult times, enhanced my health, and made me strong, inside and out. I look forward to sharing the power of yoga with all who are interested.