Class Descriptions

Corporate Fitness Pilates Mat

A mat based overall body conditioning class that will develop core and back strength, increase flexibility, coordination and balance. For the body to be strong the core must be stable. Emphasis is placed on all the Pilates principles including proper alignment and breathing. No other class will give you a long, lean and toned body. Pilates was voted as one of the top ten fitness trends for 2008 by the American College of Sports Medicine.

A ¼" or ½" mat is required.


A practice which connects the mind and body through postures that will develop strength, flexibility and balance. Breathing techniques will help to relieve stress. Yoga can improve blood circulation and boost physical strength and stamina. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis can create mental and physical balance in your life.

A thin sticky mat is required.

What We OfferFusion

A combination of Pilates and Yoga moves to keep your body strong and flexible.  While Pilates and Yoga are very different, the combination of the two will challenge, invigorate and work to relieve stress.


What We OfferGolf Conditioning

Learn how Pilates and Yoga can build strength and flexibility simultaneously, develop core strength, improve your posture, alignment and weight transfer as well as create stability. It can improve your game while diminishing the chance of low back problems related to golf. Pilates teaches proper movement and applies these techniques to the specific biomechanics of the golf swing making it a powerful tool for improving your game.

Bring a club (medium iron preferred). Only available as a private class.


Private or Semi-Private Instruction

What better way to achieve maximum results?

1 or 2 private sessions are recommended if you are not familiar with Pilates or Yoga. A private lesson is a great way to ease into a class setting and privates can be shared. A private or semi-private class is very beneficial especially if you are looking for individual attention or are not comfortable in a class setting. A private class is also a great way to guarantee convenience around your schedule.

Private ballet and tap classes are also available - call for details!

What We OfferPilates Reformer, Cadillac, Jumpboard, Chair, Tower and Spine Corrector

The Pilates Equipment are apparatus' that build muscle strength and flexibility through resistance with the use of springs. Private sessions only will allow the instructor to tailor the workout more to your ability. The springs are adjusted to your individual needs to allow for either modifications or a more challenging workout.  The jumpboard and chair can give you a cardio challenge and burn calories!